16 Ft Conex Boxes For Sale / Rent

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16 ft conex box

Buy 16’ Conex Boxes – New and Used ISO Steel Shipping Containers

No one makes it easier to buy 16′ conex boxes Compare Supplier Prices. Decide.

Dimensions: 8′ x 16′

Doors: 1 door, 3 doors, or 4 doors

Panels: Flat steel panels – easy to open and shut

Single locking bar

Electric or Manual Controlling

Front and Side Door Entry

Steel shipping containers are extremely useful, but the initial expense can be a bit high, especially for small organizations, start-ups or non-profits that might be working with limited cash flow. In these situations, used conex boxes can provide the perfect solution. They allow you to find a unit that will meet all your specifications, without the high initial investment.

Rent 16′ Conex Boxes

Rent a 16′ Conex Box for as little as $119 a month!The most affordable price for renting 16′ conex boxes for secure portable storage solutions. Are you looking at renting conex boxes?  We provide a convenient, flexible and secure method renting all types of containers for nearly any need.

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16' Containers For Sale