64 Ft Conex Boxes For Sale / Rent

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64 ft conex box

Buy 64’ Conex Boxes – New and Used ISO Steel Shipping Containers

No one makes it easier to buy 64′ conex boxes Compare Supplier Prices. Decide. Containers are water and wind tight. Perfect for storage of all types.

Dimensions: 12′ x 64′

Doors: 1 door, 3 doors, or 4 doors

Panels: Flat steel panels – easy to open and shut

Conex boxes are made of thick steel walls consisting of industrial grade steel, which will secure and protect your property. Each container is designed to withstand the the worst possible weather conditions.  

We work with a large network of more than 50 trusted shipping container companies across the nation to locate new and used conex boxes at the lowest possible price points.  From modified shipping containers to refrigerated solutions, we can help.



Rent 64′ Conex Boxes

Rent a 64′ Conex Box for as little as $169 a month! The most affordable price for renting 64′ conex boxes for secure portable storage solutions. Are you looking at renting conex boxes?  We provide a convenient, flexible and secure method renting all types of containers for nearly any need. Ask about delivery anywhere in the United States.

Steel Storage Container quotesOur partners are experienced and specialize in the sale of cones boxes and storage containers to businesses and government throughout United States.

  • Delivery in 5 business days or less.
  • Rent, Purchase, Lease to Purchase
  • Safely Compare up to 6 quotes.
  • Durable, Secure, Affordable

Optional: Lockboxes, Shelving, Ramps, Ventilations, HVAC, Partitions, Alarms, Windows, Painted

Industries: Agricultural, Education, Military, Finance, Medical, Construction, Retail

Conex boxes are durable, structurally sound, and are built to withstand the worst weather conditions while protecting your valuables. Steel storage containers are typically used for 12-15 years before being retired into the domestic fleet.  

64' Containers For Sale