Do I Need a Permit To Get A Storage Container?

Relax – the good news is the local shipping container supplier will generally be fully aware as to what type of permits (if any) are required before they deliver for storage box.

Permit_CenterNo doubt there should be some discussion as to what’s permitted by law to be stored on your personal or business property, both for a permanent and temporary basis. While often similar, each local municipality, county and city will have it unique different requirements. We always recommend that you talk with your suppliers and fully research local permit requirements before your storage container is delivered onsite as failure to do so could result in a fine.

Here are some helpful tips to know regarding permits:

Temporary Storage Requires Less Requirements

In most every case the short term storage solutions are much easier to obtain permits. In many cases, a permit for a storage container on your property is not required, provided that it does not become a permanent structure on your personal or commercial property. Get Quotes – Contact Sales Now

Permits For Short Term Storage Container Usage

Occasionally some cities may require a temporary use permit. The process is generally very easy and can obtained fairly fast with little effort.

The Rules Are More Strict In Areas With High Traffic Volumes

Accessing permits are most often a little more difficult to obtain in highly trafficked cities and neighborhoods where a large storage container may be deemed an “eye sore” and viewed as an obstruction to a busy area. Rural farmland or other lesser traveled areas are the exact opposite and often time a permit is not required to place the conex box on your property. As stated above, upon requesting a quote be sure to talk with the local supplier about local regulations and permit requirements.

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Common Things That Affect Permits

  • Home Owners’ Association regulations, local city and municipal requirements.
  • Location in which to container will be housed (behind a building, front of office, side of office or home)?
  • Time-frame of container (3 months, 12 months, Permanent)?
  • Storage container appearance (newly painted, rusted, damaged)?
  • Locations such as rural farmland or beyond the local city limits are more forgiving in permit requirements.

How to Obtain Your Permit Faster

For more difficult scenarios that may potentially come a load of red tape the container company may suggest that you hire a permit expediter, which is a consultant who helps you to maneuver permit requests when navigating the paperwork required by your cities’ planning department is complex, time-consuming or costly. The permit expediter will handle the legwork and paperwork which will reduce your time and energy consumption.

Read to Get Started?

Renting or buying a conex box or steel storage containers is simple and fast. Just describe your unique needs and location and we’ll have local suppliers contact you with pricing and professional council on any requirements necessary prior to delivery.

Permit Requierments