How Much Does a Used Shipping Container Cost?

Are you thinking about buying a used shipping container? This guide will help you to find out how much you’ll have to spend to get the right product for your needs.

A brand new shipping container can cost you as much as $4,000. Did you know there was a cheaper and better option for your shipping and storage needs?

A used shipping container can save you thousands and be delivered to your business in less than a week. It doesn’t get better than that. But, do you want to know how much you’ll be spending exactly?

If you want to know how much you’ll be spending on a used shipping container keep reading for the answers you’ve been searching for.

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The Cost for A Used Shipping Container

Freight containers or Conex boxes are some of the most popular carriers for goods across the globe. The cost for a brand new shipping container can cost you anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000. However, paying for a used shipping container can save you thousands of dollars and if you’re working with the right company, give you double the benefits.

Let’s explore the main factors affecting the cost of your shipping container and why buying or renting a used container is a better option.

Price Factors

One of the factors determining the price for a shipping container is the condition it’s in. As with any used deals, the older and shabbier an object the cheaper it turns out to be. Buying a used shipping container for sale should make you ask yourself three questions:

  • Does the condition add up to the price?
  • Does this Conex meet my specifications?
  • Does the offer meet my needs over time?

To address the first question, you can personally make an inspection of a used container to see if it will stand against the tests of time. Otherwise, you can use your shipments as a guidepost for the quality you find necessary. For instance, if your shipments are extremely heavy and chaotic you will want a container with lower risk.

After doing a risk assessment of container, it’s time that you account for your specifications. The type and consistency of your shipments will inform the amount you are likely to spend. You can talk to a sales worker to find an option that meets your needs and specifications.

Lastly, the cost of used shipping container depends on its build. In other words, the better the material the more you’ll potentially end up spending. Although, you can avoid spending too much by landing on steel shipping containers.

Steel Conex and shipping boxes are popular and spread out through the shipping market. You’ll likely to find a large number of used steel containers thanks to the industrial popularity of steel through the decades.

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Your savings often depend on the number of containers in a sellers storage. The amount you end up spending also relies on the exact modifications and needs you describe to the seller.

You can achieve lower costs by calling a seller and asking for the box sizes they currently have available. Then, pitting your purchases against each other to find the cheapest option will give you the best chances of savings.

Your main area of savings is going to be in used shipping containers. Buying a new container is going to cost you almost twice as much as used options. Therefore, you will make noticeable savings just buy searching for used options specifically.

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Conex Box Inspections and Regulations

A used container does not mean it is no longer trustworthy or suitable for action. In fact, you can find the exact level of safety through marked inspections and labels. Moreover, before you attempt a third-party inspection you can easily do a personal inspection to figure out the right price.

Personal Inspection

A personal inspection is often the cheapest way to test a container. You can find lists of red flags to be aware of online. It’s also suggested that you contact the seller to establish a sheet of warning signs.

Taking these steps will ensure that you aren’t wasting your money on an untrustworthy shipping container. Here are some basic things to look at for when you’re inspecting alone:

  • Heavy amounts of rust and physical damage. You can ask a supplier about the history of a box to see why it was damaged and how much of a problem that will be.
  • Check the doors rigorously. The doors to your used shipping box must be able to open and close
  • Check weight distributions. If the container is weighted unevenly, it will cause larger problems down the line.

Formal Inspections

It’s key that you discuss inspections with the selling company. The sellers are responsible for making sure any used container is in fair condition.

However, you can’t always be sure a formal inspection will be totally clear and accurate. This is why it’s important that you do a personal inspection as well.

Buy The Best and Receive The Best

After reading this far you now understand the factors dictating price and the variables that determine your savings. It’s clear either way, a used shipping container can save you thousands of dollars.

For a brief review, you’ll notice that the main factors influencing the cost of a shipping container are price and specification. The more specific the usage and higher the quality of a container the more you will end up spending. However, a used steel Conex box or container will save you more money than a brand new option every time.

Your next step is to make a quote on a used shipping container. All you need to do is ask for a consultation for buying or renting a Conex box. Don’t wait around long enough for a good chance to slip by, find the perfect container today!