Used Steel Storage Containers – Buy / Rent

Used Shipping Containers

No one makes it easier to buy or rent used conex boxes and steel shipping containers! Shop Solutions. Compare Supplier Prices. Decide.

Steel shipping containers are extremely useful, but the initial expense can be a bit high, especially for small organizations, start-ups or non-profits that might be working with limited cash flow. In these situations, used conex boxes can provide the perfect solution. They allow you to find a unit that will meet all your specifications, without the high initial investment.

Extra Savings When Investing in Used Shipping Containers

Steel shipping containers that have been previously owned are a great way to save a few dollars. If you require specialized options or features on your steel containers, you may have to shop around for a provider that has a unit that matches your specifications. However, use of conex boxes is so widespread, that often a used conex box that matches all but the very most specific and unique specifications can be found.

It also pays to have a conversation with a sales professional about your exact needs. Even if you don't see a model listed that seems to satisfy your requirements, they may have knowledge of one that will. Professionals in the industry are familiar with the vast variety available in steel shipping containers, and can help you find a nearly new unit that will work for your unique situation.

Immediate Used Steel Storage Container Availability

One of the benefits of purchasing a used unit is that it is on the ground and ready for delivery from the moment that you place your order. When you purchase a new unit, you may need to wait for modifications or for your exact specifications to be met before the unit can be delivered. If you're looking for quick delivery, shopping used can be a good strategy for getting up and running more promptly.

Container Inspection and Maintenance

Many people think that by buying steel storage containers new, they are guaranteeing that they are buying a high-quality unit in good condition. That is definitely not always the truth, and something for the unwary customer to be aware of. New containers can get banged around in transit and damaged just as easily as used containers can, and they often aren't inspected as carefully before being sent to customers.

On the other hand, used conex boxes are typically gone over very carefully by the selling company before being resold. Condition is one of the largest factors affecting the pricing of used storage containers, so a careful inspection and evaluation is an important part of the second-hand storage container business. This is reassuring for the customer, who can be sure that they are getting what they're paying for.