Sea Cargo Shipping Containers – Buy / Rent

Sea Cargo Shipping Containers

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Conex Boxes is one of the nation's leading solutions for buying and renting new and used sea shipping containers. Our suppliers design and create fully customized affordable ISO containers and similar logistics equipment for a wide array of commercial and military solutions. We have helped people like you find the best sea containers that have been transported all over the world for a variety of industries and needs.

A 20' or 40' Sea Storage Container is generally used for temporary storage or permanent storage needs. Sea Storage Containers are easily modified for you needs and packed with features such as roll-up side doors, insulate, refrigeration, heat, personnel doors, partitions, widows, and whatever is needed to accommodate any sea cargo storage needs.

Each type of ocean container has a number of cargo and rolling door configurations and can be designed as needed to meet your unique requirements.

  • ISO Dry Freight Containers
  • Containerized Shelters
  • Refrigerated Containers
  • 20' Sea Freight Containers
  • 40' Sea Containers
  • Bulk Sea, Dry Sea, High Cube Containers

The final loading capacity of a Sea Shipping Container is contingent upon the actual dimensions of the carton boxes as well as packaging materials and other related items. The dimensions available from our suppliers are vast so keep in mind that individual containers can vary slightly. Please describe your needs for the precise specifications and products that will serve your needs. Once we find a quote that fully meets all of your expectations, speak with the assigned sales person in charge in your order to confirm all of the required specification before picking up containers.