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Refrigerated Steel Shipping Containers

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Refrigerated shipping containers allow you to benefit from the portability and strength of steel shipping containers while being able to precisely control the temperature in your unit. This is important for anyone dealing in food products or in goods that need to be kept in a carefully temperature controlled environment. Units can be equipped with refrigeration systems that can keep your goods cooled to the optimal temperature.

Types of Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Like most types of conex boxes, refrigerated shipping containers come in standard 20 and 40 foot lengths, although you can also get larger or smaller units if you special order. There are two main types of temperature control systems that come on these containers. Diesel and electric systems each have their pros and cons, and discussing your particular situation with a sales professional may help determine which type of refrigeration is most practical for you and your cold storage requirements.

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One advantage to keep in mind with diesel is that it doesn't require accessibility to electricity. This makes it the more typical choice for containers that are going to be used in extremely rural or remote regions, where access to the power grid may be limited. Units can also be found that meet the power requirements of your site, meaning that both 3 phase and single phase power options are available.

Refrigeration Storage Container Capabilities

The amount of temperature control that you can have over this type of unit determines how well they will meet your unique storage needs. The range of temperatures is exceptional however, as most standard units can be adjusted to maintain a constant temperature of anywhere from 25 degrees Celsius to minus 25 Celsius. This range should meet the vast majority of storage needs for both organic and non-organic products from a wide range of industries.

Refrigerated Storage Containers

To ensure that you can make the most of your storage container purchase, most units will be pre-set to your ideal operational temperature before delivery to your site. This allows you to start loading and using the unit as soon as it arrives, without having to wait for the temperature to adjust.

Some conex box suppliers also have special products that allow you to maintain temperatures far outside the standard ranges listed above. Although the demand for such units is low, there are certain specialty industries where temperatures below minus 40 are required. The best and most high-tech refrigerated shipping containers have the capability to achieve and maintain these types of sub-zero temperatures for those involved in the specialized industries that might require this type of storage.