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Steel Storage Containers for Rent

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Renting conex boxes is often the most economical way to enjoy the benefits and security offered by steel shipping containers. If you find that your need for the units is sporadic or inconstant, finding a reliable rental company is a way to ensure your needs are always met without having to invest in your own permanent units. Renting also has a few other benefits that can help boost your bottom line, and the team at Conex Boxes will help you discover how to get the most for your money.

Quick Shipping Container Delivery

Renting a steel shipping container is practical if you need a unit on site and ready to go within a short period of time. When buying a unit, you often want to inspect the box and may have to wait in order to get a shipping container that has all the custom features that you require. When renting a conex box however, especially for short periods of time, these factors are often less important than the speed at which you can have access to the unit. Leasing is the perfect choice for those who need a box fast, as most companies can deliver quickly.

Clean and Ready to Use

One of the great benefits to renting a steel shipping container is that it will show up in perfect condition, ready to go. Rental companies clean units thoroughly between rentals, as well as inspecting them to make sure they are damage free. This provides you with the right environment to store any number of different kinds of essential goods with confidence. Also, if something should go wrong with the unit, the maintenance and repair of the unit will often fall under the responsibility of the leasing company, rather than being an issue that you're forced to contend with.

Conex Box Rental Pricing – How Much Do Shipping Containers Cost To Rent?

One of the main advantages of renting a steel shipping container is the money that it can save your business. The cost of renting a conex box for a short period of time is a fraction the cost of purchasing your own. When you combine the savings with the flexibility that rental units give you, it becomes the best option under a wide range of scenarios.

Varied Selection

Renting a unit doesn't mean that you have to be constricted to only the base model steel shipping container. You still have options available to you. For instance, if you have a preferred color, you can ask the rental company if they can accommodate, which often they can. You can also ask about special options such as premium locks or double versus single doors. Whatever your needs, speaking with a rental agent should help find a unit that will work for your intended purpose.