Important Shipping Container Maintenance Tips

Shipping containers are made out of high-quality durable steel that can survive harsh environments. They can last up to 25 years without requiring you to spend extra bucks on their maintenance. However, your shipping containers are exposed to the elements and are being used on a daily basis which means that you should undertake some basic maintenance activities to keep them in usable condition. Here are some tips to keep your steel containers in top form:

  • Make sure that your container rests on a level ground. Whether you need to use your container as a short-term storage solution or you have planned to use it for a long term, you may want to make sure that you place it on an even, elevated, well-drained land. This setting will prevent water from getting accumulated at one particular section of the container, which will, in turn, protect the underside from getting corroded. You may consider using concrete or wooden blocks to keep your container in an elevated position.
  • With time, steel containers become vulnerable to rusting which may challenge its longevity and usability. It is a good idea to treat rust or corrosion as soon as you detect them. This will allow you to prevent leakage. If you allow the rust to stay untreated for a long time, the condition of your container will become worse.
  • The most vital part of your container is its roof. Shipping containers are often stacked on top of one another and second-hand containers are often found to be dented. The damaged areas may promote accumulation of rainwater, which may, in turn, lead to corrosion. This is why you should always get the dented areas repaired and coated with rust-proof paint as soon as you spot them.
  • Examine the doors of your container in detail. Normally, the door seals are found to have a lifetime of 10-15 years after which they start perishing. To ensure that your door seals last for a long period, you should conduct periodic servicing on the moving parts of the door and the lockable handles. Depending on the level of use, door seals may be vulnerable to damage and that is why you should carefully evaluate their secureness. It is a good practice to clean the door seals, locks, and hinges on a regular basis and to keep them lubricated by using silicone spray. If you see cracks on door seals, you will have to get them replaced with new seals to prevent the entry of wind and water into your container.