The Use Of Conex Boxes As Mobile Restrooms

Traditional mobile restrooms that are found in industrial job sites or oil fields are commonly associated with concerns of inconvenience, inaccessibility, and uncleanness. Fortunately, the introduction of mobile restrooms that are made out of steel Conex boxes addresses these concerns well, eliminating the problems that the traditionally-constructed mobile restrooms are normally associated with. This goes a long way to boost employee morale and productivity.

Today’s modern mobile Conex restrooms have innovative designs which facilitate an easy upkeep of the restroom facility. This, in turn, reduces cleaning time as well as cleaning costs. The interiors of modern mobile Conex restrooms come equipped with durable features that provide strong resistance against soiling and can be wiped or hosed very conveniently. Most modern mobile restrooms feature stainless steel toilets, sinks, and urinals, waterproof and slip-resistant flooring with 2-inch drains, FRP-covered plywood walls, and modern amenities such as hand dryers.

Mobile Conex restrooms have floor plans that address the users’ privacy needs and can support high-traffic periods. Interestingly, most restrooms come with energy-efficient utilities, including motion-activated ventilation systems, outdoor solar power-activated lighting, and indoor LED lighting, which help to reduce the employer’s utility bills by a significant percentage. In addition, modern Conex-based restrooms come equipped with state-of-the-art HVAC systems that ensure comfortable indoor atmosphere, allowing the employees to escape from the elements for a few minutes.

Conex-based restroom trailers, which are made with steel shipping containers, can be relocated with a forklift very easily. When employees move to a different section of the facility, the restrooms can be relocated accordingly. This allows the employees to access the restrooms easily and reduces the total time that the employees would otherwise spend in taking bathroom breaks. Easy, convenient access to restroom facilities, in turn, translates into lesser downtime and improved employee productivity.

Another feature that distinguishes Conex-based restroom trailers from their traditional counterparts is the integration of highly-advanced security features. The exterior doors of the modern mobile restrooms can be secured either by a keypad or a card swipe system. These sophisticated entry control features allow the authority to monitor who enters the restroom and at what time. This helps the employer in preventing threats or criminal activities.

Conex steel shipping containers allow for easy customization and they can be designed either as men’s-only units or as combined units for both men and women. The combined units are separated by a floor-to-ceiling wall and they have separate entrances to promote privacy and security.