Uses for Shipping Containers

Thanks to some creative thinking, the uses for shipping containers are endless. We’re sharing the 9 best innovative uses for shipping containers here.

We’re in a recycling moment right now.

And we want to repurpose everything. For good reason, mind you. Not only do we save money by repurposing our trash, but we help out the planet by doing so.

A win-win situation, right?

Shipping containers can be a big, useless product of transporting goods. But they don’t have to be.

From housing units to workshop sheds, they can be useful even after they’ve been emptied of their goods.

Not only can they be repurposed, but they can also be broken down. After all, recycled scrap steel and aluminum are growing in demand across the globe.

Want to learn a few innovative ways to use your now defunct shipping containers? Keep on reading to find out more.

Top Innovative Uses For Shipping Containers

Break Them Down For Raw Materials

A single 20-foot shipping container can weigh upwards of 2 tons.

Either way you look at it, that’s a lot of material that can be reused.

Because shipping containers are mostly made of steel components, they’re incredibly valuable. In fact, they can be worth around $2,000. And that’s just as is, not broken down.

Those that have been made into sizeable pieces for later recycling can fetch for over $3,000.

Who knows?

You might have a few grand’s worth of steel lying around. And you might not even know it.

Build A Greenhouse

These steel and aluminum boxes are incredibly good at holding temperatures.

You might not think a shipping container can make for a good greenhouse by just looking at it. Well, you’d be right. As they stand, they’d kill any plant you put in them within a few days.

But, with a little self-taught skill or hired know-how, you can change that. By installing glass ceilings and windows, you can build a thriving greenhouse. One that you can be proud of for years to come.

If you’ve got a green thumb, it may be worth looking into.

An Above-Ground Pool, Maybe?

For a fraction of the price of an in-ground pool, you can enjoy a leisurely swim by repurposing a shipping container.

Because the standard shipping container is about 8ft tall, they can make for great pools. They can also be welded together to create even larger pools, too.

Granted, you just can’t fill them with water and expect them to last. They’ll rust right through.

But, if you have some will-power and pool-building knowledge, you can make these into above-ground pools with little effort.

And for far less than what you might pay for an in-ground pool.

Guest House, Anyone?

There’s no need for an add-on to your home if you’ve got a shipping container lying around.

Surprisingly enough:

They make fantastic housing units. Because they’re single-piece constructions, there’ no need for a lot of legwork. Simply build a strong foundation, and plop your container onto it.

Sure, you’ll have to do a lot with the inside to make it habitable. But, with all the money you saved on construction, you’ll have plenty of funds to do so.

For less than a $4,000, you can build a guest an environmentally friendly guest house. And one that your friends and family will be hard-pressed to leave.

Tiny Houses Are So Here To Stay

If you’re yearning to downsize, look no further than shipping containers.

We’re in a tiny house moment right now, too. There’s no denying that. The T.V. shows and articles alone on the subject are never-ending.

And one of the top ways to build a tiny house is to use a shipping container.

For one, they’re ready to go. There’s no need to do much in the way of construction.

And two:

They’re incredibly affordable. One of the main perks of tiny house living is to save money. So having a cost-effective tiny home is even better.

Also, they can be transported quite easily. (They’re a meant for shipping, duh.) This means that, should you decide to move, you can literally take your house with you.

A tiny house has never seemed more in reach or practical, right?

A Horse Barn For Your Hoofed family

Your next horse stable might not be made of wood.

Because of their height, shipping containers can make for great horse stables.

With the proper lighting and bedding, they can provide both safety and security for your trusty steads. Even more so, they can house upwards of three horses. And you can add more space by welding two or more together.

So next time you’re thinking about building a new stable, it may be worth taking a look at shipping containers.

Hen Houses For More Eggs Than You Can Use

If your shipping containers can house horses, just imagine how they’ll fare for your chickens.

Because they’re so tall, they make ideal roosting corridors for even the pickiest of fowl. And with so much room, your hens won’t have any squabbles over space.

With something like 320 square feet of room per container, just imagine all the fresh farm eggs you’ll be enjoying.

Workshops For Your Craft Or Vocation

There’s no excuse to hog up the garage space for your workshop if you have access to a shipping container.

Because of the way they’re laid out, these large steel boxes make for great workshops. Whether it’s for carpentry or glass blowing, you can get creative and make a shipping container your next workshop.

With the proper ventilation, lighting, and amenities, you can have a new workspace in as little as a week!

School Houses, Anywhere In The World

Erecting large building in the middle of nowhere can be incredibly difficult.

Shipping containers are proving to be crucial in providing educational housing units for undeveloped communities. Because of their portability and build, they can be sent to nearly every corner of the world.

Whether that’s in somewhere South America or a township in South Africa, they can be quite useful.

Rather than having school underneath a tree, students can know comfortably learn inside an enclosed room. Also, they provide a sense of security to those same students as well.

Who knew repurposed shipping containers could do so much good in the world?

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