Uses of Shipping Containers for Construction Storage

Construction sites have many uses for shipping containers. Find out how to use these versatile boxes as construction storage containers, offices and more.

Every construction site needs an office, bathrooms, and other amenities. You could just pitch a tent, but work zones require safe and stable structures to ensure worker safety. Discover the best uses for construction storage containers on your job site.

Shipping containers are ideal for work zones. They are easy to ship, place, and retrofit. And, after the project is over, shipping containers are just as easy to remove or relocate.

These steel structures keep computers, tools, and fragile equipment safe from falling debris and strong weather. Shipping containers are stronger and more durable than any other temporary on-site building.

On-site Storage Containers vs. Modular Buildings

When it comes to choosing your on-site buildings, it comes down to modular vs. storage containers. In order to know what to look for you have to understand the differences between the two.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings travel to your job-site on flatbed trucks and arrive pre-assembled. Since they are cumbersome to move, they are most useful for long-term projects. Schools, housing developments, and industrial warehouses use modular buildings to expand a facilities square footage.

The downside is that, on a construction site, your modular building scale is limited. They are single story and are not easily customized. The price, limited mobility, and structural insecurity of modular buildings make them a poor fit for construction sites.

Storage Containers

Storage containers or shipping containers are a great fit for job site buildings. They are portable, structurally sound, customizable dwellings. Storage containers are scalable and stack up to six high.

Storage containers are manufactured at a width of eight by eight and a half feet. They are available in lengths of 20 and 40 feet. And, they are made of weather resistant steel.

There are as many creative uses for shipping containers as there are DIYers. But, they are especially suited to on-site construction. Shipping containers deliver on a standard flatbed, unlike modular wide-load shipments.

Most notable, storage containers do not require a foundation. They go directly on the ground, wherever you want. The higher you want to stack them, the more stable the foundation must be. For single, and double story units, simply drop the container into place and you’re ready to go.

Unlike modular buildings, storage containers are easy to relocate on a job site or cross-country. Like modular buildings, you can choose a storage container that has climate control and plumbing. But, unlike modular buildings, shipping containers allow you to easily customize every inch.

On-site Uses of Construction Storage Containers

You can customize construction storage containers for any on-site building. There are infinite ways in which to use these building blocks. They are perfect for offices, bathrooms, storage, and more.

Steel Storage Containers For Rent

On-site Office

Every construction site needs an office. The trouble is that work zones present hazardous conditions, so structures must be durable. But, when the construction is done, the office needs to go away.

Shipping containers provide the perfect balance of structural integrity, durability, and mobility.

As soon as the unit is in place, you are up and running. Many units are available with prefab lighting, electricity hookups, and windows. You can have them pre-installed with telephone and internet accessibility, as well.

For large-scale projects, shipping containers are stackable. You can stack up to six containers on top of each other. A scaffolding staircase or industrial lift system is a great way to make an on-site, multi-story office.

Medical Facility

Work-zones are frequent areas of injury for workers. From minor scrapes and cuts to major injuries, your site should be equipped with a first-aid building. Storage containers provide the perfect shelter for treating injured workers.

Construction site safety is imperative for the productivity of a project. The base unit of shipping containers can durably withstand over 60,000 pounds of pressure. They keep workers safe from falling debris that would crush the roof of a modular building.

Medical Facility shipping containers are available with prefabricated medical amenities. They include HVAC, hot and cold water hookups, patient beds, and more.

Temporary Hoardings

For on-site hoardings, storage containers are the perfect structure. Hoardings are covered walkways for pedestrians going through and around the job site. The strong steel covering of a shipping container serves as the ideal cover.

They also provide a barrier between the public and a work site. The best way to use a shipping container for hoardings is to customize a basic unit.

Base unit shipping containers are just a big steel box. Cut open sections on the long side to allow workers or pedestrians to enter. Take off the container door and cut an opening on the opposite end to connect units together.

These walkways are as structurally sound enough to accommodate multiple walkway levels. When the project is complete, all you have to do is lift the individual container units out of the work zone. Then, ship them to the next work-site on a standard freight truck.

Shipping containers offer great structural integrity for temporary on-site walkways or permanent walkways. Shipping containers retain their durability for up to 25 years, on average. Unlike modular buildings, construction storage containers are an investment in the next few decades of your company instead of the next few months.

Final Thoughts

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