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Steel Storage Containers for Sale

No one makes it easier to save on purchasing steel shipping containers! Shop Solutions. Compare Supplier Prices. Decide.

When you're shopping for conex containers, you want to make sure you're getting the best possible value for your dollar, and that's where the team at Conex Boxes can help. We pride ourselves on making sure that our customers get exactly the features they're looking for in a conex box at the best possible price, and our suppliers carry a wide enough inventory available to our clients to ensure that we can make that a reality.

Sizing Your Steel Shipping Container

When you're in the market for steel shipping containers, the first thing you need to ascertain is how big of a unit you need. 20 and 40-foot units are typically the most common, but there is a wide variety of shipping container size options available. For compact job sites with limited space, you can find a 10-foot unit that will tuck in to even the smallest corner. On the other hand, when using a box for living or business quarters, you might want more available space. For these occasions, a 40 foot unit might be perfect for your needs.

Conex Box Options For Security, Comfort, or Utility

When you're buying steel shipping containers, there are options designed to customize the box to meet any of your needs. If you need a box that will be resistant to thieves or vandals attempting to damage your goods, you can find a unit with a high-security door and premium locking mechanism. If you plan on using the unit to work or live in, you can add features such as insulation, ventilation, and even interior partitions to make it more of a liveable space. On the other hand if you need the ability to store temperature sensitive goods or to store equipment on specialized racks or shelves, you can likely find a box with those options available as well.

The key to buying the best possible steel storage container is to have an conversation with a sales representative about what your needs are. With so many customization options available, often customers aren't even aware of how a container can be custom fitted to suit their exact purposes.

Uses of Steel Shipping Containers

The potential uses of steel shipping containers are really only limited by the imagination of the company purchasing them. More and more companies are using them to provide temporary housing or job-site offices, while others utilize them for storage. High-security locks can make the heavy-duty steel containers the most secure place to store any valuable equipment or records. The portability of the units also makes them ideal for businesses that have to move work-sites on a regular basis. Regardless of whether you're working for a construction company, a school, a manufacturer, or even in the retail sector, there are multiple applications of shipping containers that could benefit your business.