Conex Boxes, Inc. $1000 Scholarship Program

Conex Boxes, Inc. is a nationwide company that partners with suppliers of steel storage containers, also known as used shipping containers. We provide a free service to construction companies, healthcare institutions, schools, government agencies, and beyond. Our online solutions allow our visitors to complete a single form and get up to six competitive price quotes from local suppliers of steel shipping containers.

Our team cares a lot about the youth and we recognize the need for continued education, and that's why we are committed to our $1,000 college scholarship program. In October and April of each year we award a $1,000 college scholarship to one U.S. undergraduate in business, business management, marketing /advertising, or similar fields. We'd like you to take part in this special program, and it's a very simple qualification process.

This program does not require the release of your date of birth, social security number, or any personal data that is not required to award the $1,000 scholarship. No financial investment will be required to apply for this scholarship.

It couldn't be easier – are you ready to go for it? If you want to win $1,000 towards your college tuition, you simply need to write a short 500-word essay. That's it!

Eligibility To Apply For Scholarship:

  • All applicants must be enrolled, or due to be enrolled, as a full-time student at an accredited US college or university.
  • No minimum GPA is required.
  • Domestic, international, and undocumented students may apply for scholarships.
  • Students attending online universities are welcome to apply.

Essay Prompt:

Business owners are always looking for the best products and services at the best price points. To that end, the essay will answer the following two (2) questions:

  • What are the pitfalls in buying the cheapest product or service without comparing a side by side comparison of offers from more expensive competitors?
  • What is the single most important core value you believe a business should maintain to deliver the greatest level of customer service?


  • Essays will be judged by Conex Boxes, Inc team members.
  • Submissions will be judged on content, the correctness of information and facts, proper grammar, and originality.
  • Judges will look for clear, original essays that are logically organized and well-supported. The essay must be original and not plagiarized in any way.

How to Apply:

  • You will be required to publish the post online publicly. This can be a student blog on your university website, your own personal website, or a blog platform like,, or something similar.
  • Include at least 1 link that cites authoritative sources on consumer protection or home improvement, INCLUDING 1 link to
  • When complete, email us at Send your full name, college/university name, and address, and proof of enrollment. Please also send us a phone number to contact you at in the event you are selected as the winner. MAKE SURE to send us the url/link where your public post is listed.

Deadline 1 Information:

  • The essay will be emailed by October 31st, annually
  • The winner will be selected by November 15th, annually
  • Disbursement of awards by December 15th, annually

Deadline 2 Information:

  • The essay will be emailed by April 30th, annually
  • The winner will be selected by May 15th, annually
  • Disbursement of awards by June 15th, annually

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Conex Boxes Scholarship award will be submitted to the financial aid office that corresponds to the student's primary .edu email address.
  • The essays submitted will be judged by our team, who will review the essay as outlined above.
  • The essay must be original.
  • We will attempt to notify the scholarship winners both by phone and email. If the winner does not respond within 20 business days, we reserve the right to award the scholarship to the runner-up.
  • Once the winner has been selected, enrollment and qualifications will be fully confirmed.
  • If an applicant no longer meets the eligibility requirements at the time of distribution Conex Boxes, Inc. will offer the award to the next eligible runner up.
  • A minimum of 10 participants/entries are required for this scholarship to be valid.
  • Conex Boxes, Inc. employees and/or affiliates, and immediate family are not eligible to enter.
  • Scholarships are paid out by Peak Marketing Service, LLC.

Important Information About Your Privacy:

Conex Boxes, Inc. will not share your personal information with any third party for any reason. We fully respect your privacy and will keep any personal information confidential. Information you provide will be used for verifying scholarship eligibility and/or contacting the applicant about the scholarship.

We will not use an applicant's personally identifiable information to sell, market, and/or advertise its services to the applicant.


Any questions on the process should be emailed to