Shipping Container Dimensions – Size Information and Specs 

shipping container dimensionsWhat are the different shipping container dimensions? How do you choose the right ones? This guide to shipping container dimensions will help your buying process.

Steel shipping containers are a very flexible resource.

They’re weathertight, available in a vast array of configurations, and very affordable.

Before you order one for yourself, make sure you know exactly how much space you’re buying.

We’ve created this useful guide to help you understand some of the most common shipping container sizes.

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20′ Container 40′ Container 40′ High Cube
Entry Width 7′ 7′ 10″ 7′
Height 7′ 7′ 5.75″ 8′
Exterior Length 19′ 40′ 0.00″ 40′
Width 8′ 8′ 0.00″ 8′
Height 8′ 8′ 6.00″ 9′
Interior Length 18′ 39′ 39′
Width 7′ 7′ 8.59″ 7′
Height 7′ 7′ 8′
Size Cubic Volume 1,169 cu. ft. 2,385 cu. ft. 2,660 cu. ft.
Empty Weight 4,800 lbs. 8,400 lbs. 8,600 lbs.
Load Capacity 61,300 lbs. 57,750 lbs. 58,600 lbs.

Shipping Container Dimensions and Uses

Large Conex BoxWhen you’re comparing shipping containers there are several dimensions you need to consider. These are the height, width, length, and internal storage volume.

Most shipping containers have similar heights and widths but there are always exceptions. Make sure you consider what you’re planning to ship or store before purchasing a container.

Look at the length mainly as it relates to storage volume and on-site storage. A shipping container is a great way to protect your goods from vandals and the elements. Double check where you want to place it on your property to confirm your chosen length will fit.

One important variable with shipping containers is their height. You’ll see both standard containers and high cube units. These are identical to regular containers except that they are six inches to one foot taller.

Depending on how you plan to use your container you’ll need different door configurations. Longer containers allow you greater flexibility with doors, hatches, and even windows. You can also refit the interior with a wide variety of useful addon’s.

You can have a shipping container converted into a fully functional mobile office or job command center. Container homes are also becoming more and more popular with consumers trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

One of the best things about steel shipping containers is their durability and longevity. They require almost no maintenance and can last for decades when used as storage containers.

10′ Steel Shipping Containers

The smallest containers available, 10′ containers are ten feet long, eight feet wide, and have a height of eight and a half feet. This gives you a total storage area of 680 cubic feet at an empty weight of 2,670 lbs.

10′ containers are available with a rear entry swing door. You can modify the sides and rear to add in a standard door or window if so desired. These are best used for small scale storage for a home or office.

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16′ Steel Shipping Containers

36' Containers For Sale16′ containers are 16 feet long, eight feet wide, eight and a half feet tall, and weigh approximately 5,050 lbs empty. This provides you with a total storage area of 1,088 cubic feet.

This container also comes standard with a rear swing door. Its longer length provides you with more storage space and added flexibility in its use. These are great for a small on-site office or for storage of small scale equipment. They also make an excellent alternative for an equipment shed.

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20′ Steel Shipping Containers

20′ containers come in at 20 feet long, eight and a half feet wide, and eight feet tall. A 20 container gives you 1,360 cubic feet of storage space and weighs about 5,017 lbs empty.

20′ shipping containers are a smaller size of ISO standard containers used for intermodal shipping. This is one of the most common and affordable Conex containers available. 20′ gives you a substantial amount of space yet is still easy to fit in most locations.

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24′ Steel Shipping Containers

24′ containers are eight and a half feet tall, eight feet wide, and 24 feet long. They weigh 4,800 lbs empty. This will give you 1,632 cubic feet of space to work with.

This type of container is large enough to store small excavation equipment, motorcycles, and other equipment. The extra four feet give the 24′ container more storage space without greatly increasing the ground it takes up.

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40′ Steel Shipping Containers

The 40′ steel container is 40 feet long, eight and a half feet tall, and eight feet wide on its exterior. It has an empty weight of 8,278 lbs and 2,720 cubic feet of storage space to use.

This is the second largest ISO standard intermodal container. The 40′ container is extremely common on container ships and is widely available both new and used. A 40-foot container gives you a substantial amount of storage space but does take up a lot of ground on a lot or storage yard.

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40′ High Cube

The 40′ high cube is a specialized container used for storing either taller objects or providing greater storage space. It’s 40 feet long, eight feet wide, and nine feet tall. This gives you fully 2,880 cubic feet of space for an empty weight of 8,600 lbs.

This is one of the largest of the ISO standard intermodal shipping containers. For storage purposes, you get an extra six inches of height but no additional floor space. If you have larger equipment that needs extra headroom this could be the container for you.

45′ Steel Shipping Containers

45′ containers are 45 feet long, eight feet wide, and nine and a half feet tall. These weigh about 9,000 lbs empty and provide you with 3,420 cubic feet of storage space.

The 45′ containers have the same height as the 40′ foot high cube container. This allows you to store larger volumes of taller goods. A 45-foot container is one of the largest containers available and takes up a lot of real estate. You’ll need a pretty large area to place it in plus enough space to effectively load and unload it.

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53′ Steel Shipping Containers

The final container dimensions we’ll give are for the 53′ steel shipping container. It’s 53 feet long, eight feet wide, and nine and a half feet tall. 53′ containers weigh approximately 10,000 lbs and have 4,028 cubic feet of space.

The 53′ foot container is the largest steel shipping container available for standard use. They provide substantial storage space and are often used as on-site storage for construction and other tasks.

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Match Your Needs To the Right Shipping Container

Shipping containers are one of the most versatile storage and mobile structure options available. Before you sign any purchase orders make sure you know exactly what you need. Figure out how much storage or workspace you think you’ll need and compare them to different shipping container dimensions.

If you’d like to know more about any of the shipping container sizes we described here, contact us now for a free quote.

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