3 Alternate Uses for Steel Shipping Containers That You Wouldn’t Expect!

As well as storage, steel shipping containers are being increasingly used in DIY and projects around the home and community. Here are some unexpected uses.

Depending on where you are in the world, you’ve more than likely seen a steel shipping container. Most of us see them passing by on trains or being hauled by a big rig on the highway.

You may live in a town or city where you’ve even seen them use as small houses, coffee shops, or bars. Because they offer so many unique benefits, this is becoming a more common sight.

Given these benefits, more and more industries are discovering their versatility. Here are three more ways people are getting creative with steel storage containers.

1. Emergency Medical Facilities 

War, famine, and natural disasters happen all over the world every day. These seem to occur in less developed countries with more frequency. Yet, it’s also these areas that are without sorely needed hospitals or other medical centers.

With so many parts of the world lacking the means and resources to build needed medical facilities, designers began to toy with the idea of shipping containers. And they’ve found great success.

Transforming old shipping containers into sanitary health facilities has enabled doctors and medical professionals to help thousands of people who would otherwise have had to go without. Plus, they can be designed to be affixed or stationary – depending on the need.

2. Swimming Pools

Have you always wanted a pool in your yard? Then consider buying a shipping container, cleaning and spray painting it, and then placing it into the ground.

Obviously, you’ll either need to have the know-how to dig a hole the size of the container or hire someone to do the job. And at the end of the day, you won’t have that clamshell shaped pool you may have wanted.

But a shipping container that’s free of rust and without any large dents can make for an impressive pool in its own right. Once the soil is protected with limestone and the pool is lined with insulation foam, you’re ready to go.

Plus, a shipping container pool can be designed in such a way that you can drain it and have it transported to different locations – in case you decide to move.

3. A Kid’s Paradise

Every kid dreams of having his or her own space to call their own.

Rather than relegating them up into a treehouse, consider purchasing a shipping container they can transform into a spaceship, a clubhouse, or whatever else their imaginations conjure.

You can also let your imagination soar. Paint it crazy colors they’ve envisioned. Put ina swing, or lay down some rugs or even carpeting for those birthday party sleepover nights. Add a TV and/or some games.

In addition, shipping containers are made to be stacked. So if you end up with multiple units, you even can add a pipe as a slide for a unique and exciting exit from the second story!

Could a Steel Shipping Container Fit Your Needs?

Maybe you’ve been inspired by one of the above ideas. Or perhaps you have something of your own creation in mind.

Whatever the case, if you’re interested in buying or renting a steel shipping container, contact us today to get a free quote.